About Cork Deliveries

We are a dedicated Courier Service that uses a fleet of Ford Transit Vans, Citroen Berlingo Vans and Volkswagen Crafters. We are able to carry all types of furniture including beds, Wardrobes kitchen tables etc. We also have a 24 hour delivery service so if you have a parcel that needs to be delivered quickly were the right people to get in contact with. We have all the latest satellite-navigation and tracking systems so we gaurantee that we'll get you parcel delivered on time.

We are a 24/7 delivery service which is flexible and can be tailored to suit any individual requirements and is ideal for businesses looking to deliver urgent/time sensitive consignments such as secure post deliveries, machine parts and home deliveries.

There are plenty of delivery services that will take your product from point A to point B. What's missing in this business is professionalism, and care for the customer's needs. Cork Deliveries is the delivery service that is dependable. We offer a unique, and professional customer experience every time.

Cork Deliveries